Would You Buy a Cadillac From a Volkswagen Dealer?

Then why would you buy an air conditioner or heat pump from a plumbing or gas company?

Air conditioners and heat pumps work by extracting heat from an area using a refrigeration cycle. Proper knowledge of the refrigeration cycle requires specialized training and government trade certification, and is not included in standard gas/heating or plumbing training. Under-qualified or improper installation, or poor maintenance will shorten the lifespan of even the best equipment and may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Chill-Air has fully licensed Refrigeration Mechanics to make sure your “refrigeration system” (i.e. air conditioner or heat pump) is installed and running correctly, and they are fully warranty-qualified by air conditioning and heat pump manufacturers. Call today to book an appointment to find out how you can start to save up to 50% off your heating bill and get summer air conditioning at the same time!