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If you are planning to update your cooling systems, then ductless air-conditioners can be one of the best options to consider. Chill-Air Conditioning provides you heat pump systems, and ductless air conditioning options in Chilliwack. If you are wondering what advantages can ductless systems offer over ducted systems, you can go through the following list of benefits:

  • An updated ductless air conditioning and heating system consumes less energy and can considerably save 20-30 percent per month on your utility bills.

  • Such heating and cooling systems are highly flexible. It can be used in any home additions, new constructions, apartments, or condominiums, to give you adequate temperature controlling facilities. A ductless system can also be fitted in buildings that use ducted forced air systems.

  • During the installation of a ductless system, you can decide on the number of units you want to fit in each room of your house. This can help you customise your temperature, according to the need of each of the family members.

  • These can be quickly and easily installed, unlike the traditional ducted systems. It is also smaller in size and uses a small three-inch pipe to run on. Due to this, you don’t have to rebuild walls or ceilings as you do for ducted systems.

  • As major parts of a ductless system are placed on the exterior, they work silently in the indoors, without disturbing you.

Mr. Slim – Ductless Air Conditioning by Mitsubishi Electric

We deal in Mr. Slim series of ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems by Mitsubishi Electric. These appliances are smart and efficient. It uses the Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) technology, which helps you achieve the right temperature according to your need. Its build also includes the whisper-quiet fans and compressors, due to which they work silently. The advanced engineering incorporated in them also helps you save on energy bills.

You can also explore the Mr. Slim series of ductless appliances, here. These silent wonders are also exclusively available with Chill-Air Conditioning.

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"Looking Forward to Building a Great Relationship"

Thanks very much for looking after my client request in an efficient manner. Your guys also did an excellent job of installing a system at my house last year. I’m looking forward to building a great relationship with your company. 
– Ed

"Well Pleased with the Mr. Slim!"

Hi Chris. Just wanted to let you know how well pleased we are with the Mr. Slim!! James and Ryan are a joy to have in the house. They left everything clean and tidy and made the outdoor fixture blend in so well and didn’t make a mess!! Wow–we’re thrilled. Thanks to you and your crew. 
– Al and Lorna

"Very Happy with Technician’s Professionalism"

Thanks Bev. Thank you very much for sending James over yesterday when he was scheduled to go to another job. We are all very happy with James’ professionalism and the fact that he is adaptable when it is necessary in this crazy building. Thanks very much again.

 KM [commercial customer]

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