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Did you know that Canada has over 97,000 restaurants and bars that utilize commercial refrigeration?

Although every restaurant and bar is different, each has one thing in common for sure. Their commercial refrigeration systems require servicing and maintenance.

Your commercial refrigeration system can last longer with regular servicing.

Why is commercial refrigeration servicing so important? Keep reading to learn the different reasons.

Lowers the Risk of Failed Components

Regular commercial refrigeration servicing lowers the risk of failed components. Vital components of the system can't operate without regular maintenance.

Replacing parts leads to a lot of downtime and won't come cheap. This issue is avoidable if you hire a commercial refrigeration service.

Professionals receive training to look for defects in your system. An expert technician from Chill-Air can spot the signs of component failure.

When you keep key components functioning, you will benefit from a long-lasting system.

Identifies and Fixes Hidden Issues

Regular commercial refrigeration servicing can identify hidden issues. To an untrained eye, there are some problems that aren't so obvious. Hidden issues, like overheating and dirt build-up, are identifiable by a professional.

Overheating often leads to main component failure. Main component failure will force you to need to buy a completely new unit.

With early detection, you lower the risk of component failure. Plus, you save money with regular maintenance. You'll spend less over time when you prevent large repair sessions.

You can extend the life of your system when you address issues before they become serious. Prevention is always better than replacement!

Protects Against Diseases

Commercial refrigerators are prone to diseases that can cause foodborne illnesses.

Professionals that carry out commercial refrigeration maintenance will treat your system with chemicals. This treatment protects your business and system against:




If you are using a commercial refrigerator at a restaurant, this is a necessity. Protect your business against health risks with regular servicing.

Minimizes Downtime

Maintaining commercial refrigeration systems can minimize downtime. Without regular expert maintenance, you increase the risk of downtime.

Downtime can interrupt your cash flow and cause other business problems.

When a system needs to undergo repairs, you have to wait for these replacement parts. When you have your refrigerator maintained every six months, you experience less downtime.

You are less likely to deal with unforeseen circumstances with regular maintenance.

Maintenance is predictable, breakdowns are not. You must complete maintenance on any piece of equipment that you have.

The Importance of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is important for a lot of different reasons. To lower the risk of component failure and catch issues early on, you need regular maintenance.

Hiring an expert to maintain your system will also protect your place of business from diseases. In addition, it can minimize downtime.

If you haven't had your system inspected in a long time, now is the time to do so. Request a service estimate from Chill-Air today to get started.



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