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Guide to Important Annual HVAC Maintenance for Your Building

commercial air conditioner maintenance

No matter what type of HVAC system your home or commercial building employs, it's important that you remember the system is made up of electronics and mechanical parts. Much like a car, the components of your HVAC system will eventually wear down or even fail entirely.

That means you need a plan in place for keeping ahead of these inevitable, but predictable problems. The simplest way you can stay ahead of them is with an annual or quarterly HVAC maintenance plan. Not sure what should go into that plan?


Keep reading for a helpful guide on the essential things that you should include in your plan.

Spring Maintenance

For your springtime HVAC maintenance, it's all about the cooling system. Your air conditioning unit does a lot of heavy lifting during the hot summer days. The more you can limit the wear and tear on that unit, the longer it will last.

A few of the common things that should happen include removing plants and debris from around the unit. The condenser coils and drain will need a cleaning.

You'll also want the refrigerant and electronics checked. In general, a professional technician should handle anything to do with the refrigerant and electronics.

Fall Maintenance

Fall maintenance is all about your furnace. The interior of the furnace will benefit from a general vacuuming to remove any accumulated dust. Dust will interfere with any moving parts, as well as reduce burn efficiency for natural gas or propane.

Other helpful maintenance activities include lubricating moving parts, such as bearing or motors. You'll also want a check on the wiring and the blower wheels.

While you can probably handle the vacuuming, you should always get a certified technician to inspect the wiring.


Both your air conditioner unit and your furnace use air filters. You must change those air filters for maximum efficiency. When you make a maintenance schedule, this should typically happen monthly or every few months depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.


The basic thermostats that you typically see with HVAC systems work well enough, but they don't offer much versatility. As a one-time maintenance investment, consider getting a programmable thermostat instead. These cut down on the total wear and tear your HVAC system goes through by reducing usage during off-hours.


You should also include a duct inspection on the list of what you need done during regular checkups. Leaking ducts reduce efficiency, which pushes your system harder than necessary. Looking for or repairing faulty ductwork is just good preventative maintenance.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance doesn't come naturally to most people. The activities happen too far apart for it to become a routine, which is why making a schedule for it can keep you ahead of problems.

While basic cleaning is within reach for most property owners, make sure you leave areas like wiring, electronics, and refrigerant checks to the pros.

Chill-Air specializes in HVAC maintenance and repair services for commercial and residential clients in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and the surrounding Greater Vancouver Area. If you need HVAC maintenance done for your system, contact Chill-Air today for a free estimate.



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