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How HVAC Maintenance Reduces the Need for Costly HVAC Repairs

No matter what industry your business services, a functioning HVAC system is an absolute necessity for your building or office. Routine maintenance spots problems before they arise, saving you from unnecessary expenses.


Additionally, commercial HVAC services improve indoor air quality and reduce high energy bills


But what happens if you neglect your annual HVAC maintenance? The answer is simple. Minor issues can cause your HVAC system to breakdown, resulting in expensive repairs. 


Interested in learning why HVAC maintenance is an absolute must? Keep reading and you'll learn the specifics of commercial HVAC maintenance. 


Avoid Costly Repairs

Annual HVAC maintenance allows your system to function at optimal performance. Faulty equipment can cause your HVAC system to work sluggishly. This can raise your energy bills.


Routine HVAC maintenance finds problems before they begin. A trained technician will inspect your HVAC unit for signs of wear.


Wear and tear are often caused by weather and dirt accumulation. If left unchecked this can lead to system failure or at the least, a spike in monthly energy expenses.


An HVAC technician will check all equipment. They will ensure it's in working order and not posing a threat to the system.


In addition, HVAC maintenance helps your system stay with your business longer. By locating and fixing issues as soon as they're spotted you'll likely expand the life of your system.

Consider Your Warranty

Certain HVAC units require HVAC preventative maintenance in order to keep warranties intact.


These guidelines prevent manufacturers from needlessly replacing damaged parts. Regular maintenance can avoid issues in the first place.

Reduce Monthly Energy Bills

Tube cleaning is an essential part of HVAC maintenance. Microbes can accumulate within chiller tube bundles. As a result, scale and iron can build up, preventing heat from properly transferring.


When maintained, tube cleaning can save your business an estimated 15% on energy bills.


Improve Air Quality With HVAC Maintenance

It's essential to take air quality into consideration and schedule annual HVAC maintenance. Poor air quality can exacerbate issues such as asthma and other respiratory issues.


Poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, fatigue, and shortness of breath. It can also cause coughing and sneezing, along with other serious symptoms.


Your HVAC maintenance plan will help eliminate indoor air pollutants and irritants. Begin by changing your filter according to schedule and follow any other advice your technician gives you.


Schedule Your Annual Maintenance Today

Don't spend needlessly on costly repairs. Preventative HVAC maintenance is all your system needs. Take steps to locate problems before they arise. This will avoid larger, more expensive issues.


This will preserve your warranty and ensure your system is running efficiently all year long.


In addition, you'll reduce toxic indoor pollutants while reducing your energy consumption.


If left unchecked, a faulty HVAC system can malfunction when you least expect it. Minor repairs can quickly lead to your entire system breaking down. Contact Chill-Air today and a member of our dedicated staff will gladly schedule your next commercial HVAC maintenance appointment in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland.


Our experienced technicians service all makes and models. A thorough inspection will spot potential issues within your HVAC system and provide a speedy resolution.


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