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ALLERGIES? ASTHMA? MOLD? Is your house making you sick?

Time for some Germ Warfare! SANUVOX Ultra Violet Air Purifiers are unsurpassed in the industry!

Mounted to the furnace and using your central ductwork, SANUVOX Ultraviolet Air Purifiers will destroy biological & chemical contaminants. A UV air purifier will remove unwanted contaminants such as mold, bacteria, spores, viruses, allergens, cigarette smoke, cooking & pet odors, diesel fumes, VOCs, formaldehyde and thousands of other airborne contaminants in your home or business.

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SANUVOX Purifiers are used in thousands of homes, doctors and dentists’ offices, hospitals, office buildings, health clubs, laboratories, hotels, restaurants, seniors homes, daycare centres and more.

Unlike an air filter which is designed to merely collect particulates from the air (i.e. dust and dirt) and which allows contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and odors to pass through like sand passes through a tennis racket, SANUVOX air purifiers are designed to change the molecular structure of the contaminants through DNA Sterilization and Photo-Oxidation destroying both chemical and biological contaminants including odors.

SANUVOX’s UV air purifier uses a proprietary “J” lamp that produces both UV-C and UV-V light. UV-C is useful for the destruction of bacteria, viruses, mold and other microorganisms. The Centers for Disease Control recommends this method for destroying viruses such as tuberculosis. UV-V is used primarily for oxidization, and destroys chemicals and odours.

SANUVOX Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems have been tested and found to be up to 99.9% effective in destroying airborne tuberculosis, which is almost three times more resilient than Influenza. As a result, should the Avian Flu virus be airborne, a properly sized SANUVOX Ultraviolet Air Purifier can even destroy the Avian Flu virus should it pass through the UV system.

Also as evaluated by the United States EPA, a single Sanuvox UV Bio-wall showed greater than 99.97% destruction on Biological Warfare Agents on a single pass.

Click here for some Sanuvox FAQs. Check out more about Sanuvox at their website. Need more information? Call today and talk to our Sales department to see if Sanuvox is right for you.

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