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Importance of Hiring a Commercial Refrigeration Repair Technician

A faulty refrigeration system can be critical to your business, especially in the food and restaurant industry. A flawed refrigeration system can lead to a huge loss for your business, as raw meat and other food have to be stored at an optimal cool temperature. Timely maintenance and repair will ensure the refrigeration system is working properly. Commercial refrigeration systems are different and complicated when compared to home appliances, so you have to rely on a professional technician for any issues or repair.


Count on Chill-Air for 24/7 refrigeration services for commercial customers in Chilliwack and the surrounding areas. Our licensed refrigeration technicians are available 24 hours a day for on-call service. We also have been providing installation of residential and commercial air conditioning, heat pumps and hot water tanks since 1989.


Commercial technicians have thorough knowledge about different kinds of businesses and can repair and supply equipment for all makes and models of refrigeration systems. Hiring a professional repair technician will:


1. Save Time

Commercial refrigeration technicians have the skills and experience necessary to ensure your refrigerator is repaired on time. They are licensed and use relevant tools and equipment to fix your system. Understanding the issue and figuring out the solution in less time is what makes professional technicians efficient.


2. Increase the Lifespan of the System

Scheduling maintenance for your commercial refrigerator will extend its life. Using the equipment incorrectly for a longer period might reduce its lifespan. Small checkups cost little and will let you know of any major repairs in the future. A commercial repair technician will resolve issues and replace worn off components of your refrigerator. To increase the lifespan, clean shelves and coils frequently.


3. Increase Safety of the System

Hiring a commercial refrigeration repair company will provide you with increased safety. Trying to fix the problem yourself can lead to safety hazards as there are several electric components, condenser coils and fan motors that need to be checked. As commercial refrigerators are complex, having professional technicians solve the issue will reduce the risk.


4. Provide You With a Customized Maintenance Plan

Commercial technicians will provide you with a maintenance plan that can ensure your appliances work well. Preventive maintenance tips such as cleaning of shelves, coils and checking gas pressure can help extend the lifespan of your refrigerator. The technicians will also let you know how frequently your systems should be inspected, along with simple methods to detect minor problems.


5. Provide You With Emergency Repair Services

For your business to run smoothly, you have to get your refrigerator fixed as soon as it breaks down. Keeping the faulty refrigerator for a longer duration might spoil the contents within. Hire a commercial refrigeration company that provides you with 24/7 service.


Working with commercial refrigeration technicians is beneficial for your business. We specialize in servicing or upgrading your existing equipment. Get in touch with Chill-Air for installation, maintenance and repair of commercial refrigeration equipment, including a walk-in cooler, freezer or ice machine. We also provide zuba central systems, air conditioning and zoning systems.


Contact us today for reliable commercial refrigeration services.


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