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Managers aren't being paranoid when they worry about employees wasting time. Employees can, on average, waste up to two hours per day.

Maintaining high workplace efficiency is every boss' dream, but it's easier said than done. Micromanaging employees and being strict on breaks and lunch outs takes a lot of effort for little return. There is, however, a more straightforward way to improve employee productivity that's right under your nose: air quality.

Having decent air quality systems can make all the difference in a busy workplace. Today, we take a look at the benefits of improving poor air quality in your office. 

Air Quality and Employee Productivity

The air that we breathe affects our well-being; that much is true. Air pollution alone causes thousands of premature deaths every year in Canada. Employees breathe in pollution during their commute and then indoor air pollution at their urban office.

Today, however, we are talking about poor air quality beyond pollution. That is, air that's low in oxygen and high in carbon dioxide. Studies have shown that this leads to cognitive decline in many areas.

Thus, employee productivity has a tight correlation with the air they breathe. A work environment will be more productive if the air is high-quality. The same goes for any institution where high cognitive performance is a must, such as schools and universities.

Effective Air Quality Systems

High-quality air starts with a well-functioning air quality system. The primary contributor to poor air quality is poor ventilation. Ventilation helps circulate oxygen-rich air into stagnant, hot, closed-off spaces.

Unfortunately, many modern commercial buildings in Canada have subpar ventilation. That not only reduces air quality, but requires more emergency repairs and higher operating costs. Let's look at some ways to increase air quality.

Regular Maintenance

Replacing filters, cleaning compressors, and other types of regular maintenance help keep air quality systems at peak efficiency. Many business owners forgo this regular maintenance for cost savings, but it leads to higher-cost repairs later on. Importantly, air quality suffers when you let your system go on for too long without a visit from your Chilliwack A/C technician.

Install Better Air Quality Systems

Businesses can install air quality monitoring systems. These measure factors like VOCs and other particles and pollutants. They provide a report of the average indoor air quality so owners can tune the system to account for it.

With that knowledge in mind, building maintenance can install better HEPA filters. They can open windows on occasion or encourage employees to take breaks outside.

Find a Chilliwack A/C Expert Today

Air quality has a direct impact on the cognitive function of employees and therefore their productivity and employee safety. Air quality systems can help improve a commercial building's ventilation and air quality index for the benefit of employees. Even doing more regular maintenance or changing to HEPA filters can make a world of difference.

Chill-Air is your go-to source for commercial air services in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and the Greater Vancouver area. Request a quote for our services and get the best air quality systems for your workplace.



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