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The Top 3 Reasons to Schedule Annual AC Maintenance

Statistics show that only 42% of homeowners have their AC units maintained by a professional.

Have you had your AC unit checked recently for any issues with performance? Does your air conditioner handle the heat or does its efficiency wane when the temperatures rise?


Getting your AC unit checked regularly is an investment in the longevity of the unit and peace of mind in the comfort of your home's climate.

Keep reading to learn about the top three reasons why you should schedule annual AC maintenance with Chill-Air.



There are a wide variety of AC units that a home can have. Depending on the age of the home or the unit, it can perform differently from home to home. What works for your family and friends to maintain their unit may not work for yours.

If you find that your unit does cool your home but not to the cool temperature that you would like, it can be hard to diagnose the problem since it is still working in some capacity. Calling a professional to look at it means they will walk through the variety of problems that can lead to this type of performance gap.

We have experience on staff at Chill-Air to mend all makes and models of AC units.



When an AC unit is not running properly, it has to work harder in order to cool your home. This can be a result of something simple like a filter being clogged or something more serious like a broken coil or a failing unit. 

Keeping an eye on any increases in your energy use can also help you predict when you may need to schedule an appointment with Chill-Air to get the unit serviced for AC repair.



Having a company such as Chill-Air come to your home and meticulously check your AC unit is a convenient service to invest in. Other than being home if they need access to the inside portion of the unit, you won't have to worry about anything else. 

The prep work involved in this is mainly explaining when the last time you cleaned it is or changed the filter. Listing any issues, sounds, or smells that you have noticed can be helpful as well. 

If you are nervous about having someone in your home or are worried they will tell you to spend money on things that do not need to be fixed by HVAC maintenance, then you should read the reviews and testimonials on the website first. If people have had a positive experience, they can help ease your mind about the entire experience.

Negative experiences should be addressed by the business and ideally transparent on this part of the website as well. 



Navigating the hot days ahead with a reliable AC unit will make the long days of summer much more enjoyable from the comfort of your home.

Now that you have read more about the top three reasons why you should schedule annual AC maintenance, you can book an appointment with Chill-Air today. Our HVAC contractors look forward to meeting you and getting your AC unit running perfectly in the warm weather. 



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