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Things to Consider When Installing a Commercial HVAC System

Commercial buildings use 12% of Canada's energy. While that doesn't seem like a lot, keep in mind the sector grew 22% between 1990 and 2010. As the commercial building sector grows, so does the drain on the electrical grid.


Over half the energy each building uses goes toward the commercial HVAC system. Ease the stress on the electrical grid by using energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems.

What is the best HVAC system for your commercial building? It depends on what you do in the building. A restaurant has different cooling needs than a welding company.


As you prepare for an HVAC upgrade, use these questions to create a plan. Once you're ready, consult an HVAC contractor in Chilliwack.

What Size of HVAC Unit Do You Need?

To explain how much air HVAC systems heat or cool in an hour, they're measured in tons. A ton in these terms means it will put out 12,000 BTU's per hour. It takes one BTU to cool or heat a pound of water.


This chart will help you estimate the size of your building's new commercial HVAC:

  • 1,115 square meter building - 20 ton HVAC system

  • 1,533 square meter building - 30 ton HVAC system

  • 1,765 square meter building - 40 ton HVAC system

Your HVAC needs may vary depending on your business. To know for sure what size of system you need, consult a commercial HVAC technician.

Are You Overlooking Important Heating and Cooling Systems?

Installing central heating and air makes your commercial building comfortable. Your business might need more than one type of heating or cooling system to operate.


The lifespan for a commercial water heater is 10 years. Replace it on time to avoid costly leaks or floods.


Your walk-in refrigerator is vital to your restaurant. If the walk-in is 10 years old, look for an upgraded model before it dies.

When was the Last Time a Professional Checked the Ducts?

The constant temperature changes in the air ducts make them swell and shrink. After a decade, the movement creates leaks at the seams.


A leak in your building's ductwork will make the HVAC system 20% less effective. The wasted air adds to your energy bill.


When installing an HVAC system, make time to examine the ductwork. Consider upgrading old angular ducts with energy-efficient circular ductwork.


Do You Have a Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial HVAC System?

Commercial HVAC systems typically last up to 15 years. High-quality systems could last another 5 years before you need to replace them.


How can you extend your HVAC system's lifespan? Schedule regular maintenance visits with your local HVAC contractor. A knowledgeable technician can keep your HVAC running for a few more years.

Need Trustworthy HVAC Contractors in the Lower Mainland?

Owning and maintaining a commercial building takes a lot of work. The technicians at Chill-Air are ready to make your job a little easier. We'll take care of everything you need for a new commercial HVAC system in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and throughout Greater Vancouver.


It doesn't matter what size of HVAC system you need. Chill-Air provides services for businesses like fast food chains and processing plants.


Are you ready to plan the budget for your new HVAC system? We offer our customers a free estimate to make budget planning easier.

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Zak Crawley
Zak Crawley
Jul 03, 2023

For commercial HVAC systems, repair, and maintenance services are highly important. The duct work and heating systems must be managed by a reputed professional to ensure high-quality services. Always hire HVAC Repair Diamond Bar experts for more info regarding HVAC systems.

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